Even Though We Sleep

Even Though We Sleep (Album - 2012)

"A new album from Australian musician/composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe, which will undoubtedly hit the spot for fans of richly textured, melodic ambient. This is another one of those brilliant artists who manages to combine a multitude of instruments; from piano, to strings and guitar, layer upon layer, to create a deep sense of emotion and a deeply engrossing listening experience. Hints of electronica, hints of shoegaze and at times, soundtrack moments similar to Mark Isham’s Crash Soundtrack, especially in album opener ‘Even Though We Sleep’"..
Review by "A Strangely Isolated Place"

*Bandcamp Download includes Cover Artwork & Wallpaper.

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Release Date: 1/6/2012

Artwork by Nitin Garg

Mastered by 12k 

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Even Though We Sleep - Limited Edition CD

7 Track CD (38 mins - Glass Mastered) in a Digipak with special limited edition CD artwork created by Nitin Garg. Includes a bonus track 'We Never Left'.

Stray Theories CD - Limited Edition