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"A new album from Australian musician/composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe, which will undoubtedly hit the spot for fans of richly textured, melodic ambient. This is another one of those brilliant artists who manages to combine a multitude of instruments; from piano, to strings and guitar, layer upon layer, to create a deep sense of emotion and a deeply engrossing listening experience. Hints of electronica, hints of shoegaze and at times, soundtrack moments similar to Mark Isham’s Crash Soundtrack, especially in album opener ‘Even Though We Sleep’." - A Strangely Isolated Place

"As music lovers we will be the first to admit that on hearing new music you love there is an overwhelming desire to crow from the rooftops, share with friends and generally enthuse with much gusto about the sheer brilliance of a new discovery. Those Who Remain from New Zealand based Stray Theories is one such album that I must urge you to seek out. Combining Eno-esque ethereal synth work with piano, this is cinematic ambience at its very best.

Delicate piano work forms the backbone to the majority of the tracks with additional production providing subtle, complimentary melodies and layering. Epic and pensive, uplifting yet introspective, Those Who Remain is quite simply beautiful music to comfortably soundtrack the highs and lows of everyday life." - Igloo Magazine

"Even Though We Sleep is a suite of smoothly-sequenced instrumentals with the occasional electronic vox (the only element that seems out of place, as it possesses a slightly worn vibe).  One could take apart the music: keyboard melodies, ambient washes, programmed pads – to see how it all works, but one would fall short of comprehension.  In this case, it’s not the individual elements, but the effect they produce.  Relationship problems?  Long day?  Tired of fighting the good fight?  That’s what this album is for.  From beginning to end, it’s meant to soothe and comfort, and it does a very good job, from the piano and chimes of the title track to the melancholic synths of “Everyone Falls” (perhaps the instrumental cousin of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”) to the percussive patterns of “The Moment I Need You”.  For the anxious and stressed, a healing balm." - A Closer Listen

"With his latest release Stray Theories (Micah Templeton-Wolfe) adds another level of refinement to his already impressive (and independently produced) discography.

Micah is a master of widely cinematic arrangements and melancholic compositions, seemingly evolving out of nothing into a melodic hook that sticks with you for a long time." -

"There is a glassy smooth purity throughout “Those Who Remain”, yet it never feels detached thanks to a well-constructed melodic framework and the depth of emotion that imbues each song.  Add the mastering of Taylor Deupree to all of this musical craft and you have one very complete and satisfying album that is beautiful both to the ears and to the heart." - Stationary Travels

"If ever you needed a soundtrack to the world crumbling down around you, then look no further than Those Who Remain. No other album will make you feel more at peace as the world begins to burn than the latest from Stray Theories." -

"These songs are the soundtrack of each moment of your daily life. They are intense, dramatic but always with a light at the horizon. And this is the motive of the whole album" - Echoes & Dust


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