Album Review / Headphone Commute - Stray Theories - All That Was Lost (n5MD)

Thank you to Headphone Commute for the wonderful review of All That Was Lost'

Stray Theories is a project by the Australian born and New Zealand-based composer, Micah Templeton-Wolfe. Previously appearing on these pages back in 2014 with Those Who Remainalbum, it seems that Stray Theories has matured over the last four years, and in turn, may I even say “graduated” to a release on n5MD, awarding his excellence in this quality production with a limited edition, transparent blue 180g vinyl. This is a beautiful, pensive, and nostalgic record, one which would appeal to fans of organic ambiance by the likes of Hammock, Balmorhea, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and Slow Meadow. Gentle and warm swells of leisurely transitioning waves of strings and synth atmospheres cover the pastures of Templeton-Wolfe’s expanse like sunshine would shelter the wintry. The sonic scenes offer their gift like a first morning light, cautiously peeking from beneath passing clouds, then splendidly wrapping the soul with the sound. Suddenly you’re bathing in abundance of light, and all the despair becomes into hope. “All That Was Lost is a cinematic ambient gem brought into the world at a time when we need it most.” It’s nice to one of my favourite labels continue and expand its catalogue with more cinematic works, improving its output with each and every release. I also spy a photograph by Alex Kozobolis who, besides his piano work, has been slowly making a name for himself for visual contribution on more than a few albums. Recommended for the above-mentioned artists.

Stray Theories