Stray Theories - Fragments

Stray Theories - Fragments

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In between working on my new album I have being going through my archive of unreleased material.
One collection of tracks that I have always been particularly fond of is a series of long form soundtrack pieces that were composed in 2015 for ‘Some Thoughts on Mercy: An Essay on Race and Redemption’, an essay written and read by Ross Gay, part of “Bringing Down the New Jim Crow” a radio documentary series by Chris Moore-Backman (links below)

I have spent time reworking & remixing each section composed for the soundtrack as well as several alternative tracks that were created at the same time. The end result is a 10 track release which captures the atmosphere & inspiration in a new form.

Special Thanks to Mike Cadoo @ n5MD / 37N,122W for his expert mastering of this release, support & encouragement and Chris Moore-Backman for the opportunity to be involved in such a meaningful project & Hussam Eissa for the wonderful artwork.

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